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Chafe-Pro Review

Our chafe material of choice in the past has been to take old rags and wire tie them to the appropriate place on the dock line or mooring pendant. However, this tears (literally!) through a lot of rags, uses up a lot of wire ties, looks a bit disreputable, and takes some finagling to undo.

So we decided to look for a better alternative and, when researching chafing gear on the Internet, John came across the Chafe-Pro site. We ordered a few to try out and so far we are impressed:


  • The Velcro closures make it very easy to position the gear where we need it and as tightly as we need it.
  • We have used one on our mooring pendant, where it crosses the bow roller, through a number of gales and two hurricanes (as pictured above with our mooring safety chain system) and, though there is a bit of chafe showing on the outer covering, the inside layer is intact.
  • The soft outer cover means that the chafe gear itself won’t chafe on anything around it.
  • The large Velcro hook area bonds to the rope it is protecting, stopping the chafe gear from slipping out of place, meaning lanyards are not needed. (The wire ties in the photograph above are there because we were expecting a hurricane strike, normally we don’t need them.)

What do you use against chafe? Does anyone else have experience with Chafe-Pro? Leave a comment.

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