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Q&A: PVC For Plumbing

Question: Currently tackling the plumbing system and would like to know if you have any other photos of how you use PVC piping. I’m very interested in using this as often as possible. How do you make the connection between the rigid pipe and the fitting that may be on your holding tank or other device that you are plumbing? Do you use some type of short flexible connector?

Answer: Sorry we don’t have any photos other than those on the site.

To connect to something like a holding tank with a hose barb on it we use a pipe to female thread adapter and a Forespar Marelon hose barb to convert to hose and then use a short piece of good quality sanitary hose to the holding tank, or whatever we are connecting to. We also use hose in any place where a cracked PVC pipe would sink the boat.

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