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Maintaining an aluminum boat has made us especially paranoid about making sure we use an anti-corrosive agent whenever we screw anything to anything else. We have found that Tef-Gel, a teflon product, does the best job. Stainless steel screws back easily out of aluminum even after several years if they’ve been applied with a liberal coating of Tef-Gel. We don’t order one tube, we order a boxful!

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Be aware that Duralac or Tefgel or Mastinox are very toxic. I think that its even forbidden to send it by post in France.

A non-toxic product is made by a Belgian company
CRC Industries Europe NV
Touwslagerstraat 1 – 9240 Zele – Belgium
Tel (32) (0) 52/45.60.11 Fax (32) (0) 52/45.00.34
but I don’t have any experiences with it (or any relationship with that firm).

John Harries

Hi Alex,

I know that Duralac is highly toxic, but as far as I know Tefgel is only toxic if heated. That’s why they warn you not to smoke if you are using it. Of course I could be wrong, so anyone with concerns should check the material data safety sheet.

Colin Speedie

Hi Alex

Thanks for the tip – looks like they have an interesting range.

Personally I’m also a Tef-Gel fan(atic) and hardly use Duralac these days although we carry it. But if there’s a ‘greener’ (and less expensive) alternative, then why not?

Anyone out there with any experience of these products?

Best wishes