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Vibration and movement are always present on a boat at sea and can easily loosen screws. To avert the substantial problems that even a single backed-out screw can cause, we use Loctite thread lock fluid. Use Blue if you want to undo it easily, Red if you want to work at it and Green if you want to have to use explosives.

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George Woodward

I guess you use the Loctite in conjunction with TefGel? If so before or after?

John Harries

Hi George,

No we use Loctite or TefGel, depending on the application. They are not compatible.

George Woodward

Can you give me a maker’s number for the red Loctite you recommend?
Have you found the Loctite has the same anti corrosion properties of TefGel?

John Harries

Hi George

We use red Loctite #222 for things we do not ever want to remove and blue #243 for things we might want to undo. And no, the anti-corrosion is not on a par with TefGel. But if you want to be sure that a screw that is subject to vibration won’t come out, Loctite is the solution.