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Headhunter Three Way Universal Valves

If there’s one place that you really don’t want a valve to bust while in use, it’s in the black water system.

Headhunter Three Way Valves are robust and yet move easily—meaning you don’t have to close your mouth while changing settings (it’s a long story)!

Go to (Products—Waste Water—Accessories—TW-1515) for further information (and a lot of other good quality—but expensive—stuff!).

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Gary Green

Forgive me for posting on this particular article, but I can’t remember where I read the following statement (paraphrased), “never have sails or crapper tied to electrical”. My question is related to the toilet part of that phrase. I had been planning to install a macerator to the waste system, but after reading your comment I am now hesitant to do so. The current set-up on my boat is for the Y-valve to direct waste to the holding tank or outside (no macerator). Pumping the toilet would pump waste directly outside with Y-valve set accordingly. After reading your recommendation, I am starting to think about keeping my system the same (no macerator). How is your black water system set up? Can you provide a diagram?…or maybe you have and I wasn’t able to find it. Thanks in advance for your response.

John Harries

Hi Garry,

That article is here. By the way, you can always find something easily here at AAC by using the search box at the top of the sidebars.

If it were me, I would not bother with a macerator pump in that application. Just something else to go wrong, and go wrong in a place where fixing it will be, shall we say, unpleasant.

I’m no expert on such things, but my thinking would be that in cases where you are going to pump waste over the side, macerating it really does not make any difference to the real impact.