Members' Online Book: Getting Out There Cruising, Chapter 15 of 16

Working While Cruising—Our Offices on “Morgan’s Cloud”

More and more cruisers are working while cruising at jobs that require long hours at a computer. And even among cruisers who leave their jobs completely behind when they head out, many are blogging as well as editing photographs and video; all computer intensive. Here’s a look at the gear we use and where we work day to day.

We all have navigation lights, and many of us AIS transponders too, so we assume that other vessels can easily see us at night, but can they really? John shares some tips learned from a real life night encounter with another yacht.

Members' Online Book: Navigation and Marine Electronics, Chapter 20 of 21

8 Radar Use Tips

Colin and John have teamed up to share the fruits of some 70 years of combined radar use experience much of it in the foggiest (Atlantic Canada) and highest traffic (English Channel) areas of the world.

Iridium Update

John takes a look at the latest news on Iridium satellite phones and GO!, some real world reports from users, and finishes with some solid purchase and usage recommendations.

Members' Online Book: Navigation and Marine Electronics, Chapter 17 of 21

Navigating in Fog, Part 1, The Tools

Some of the best cruising grounds in the world are plagued with fog, so it pays to have the necessary gear as well as navigation and collision-avoidance skills—will make you safer at night too.

Colin starts off a three part series with an in-depth analysis of the tools to have when the visibility shuts down.

John is back on one of his favourite hobby horses: tips for buying the right marine electronics for going offshore…rather than the right marine electronics to enrich the companies that make this stuff. And he wants your help on this in the comments.

Members' Online Book: Navigation and Marine Electronics, Chapter 9 of 21

Marine Electronics System Recommendations

Up to this point in this Online Book we have been writing about good navigation practices. Now let’s turn our eyes to the cool electronic toys we all love.

And since I’m an electronics technician by trade and have spent most of my working life in high tech fields this is going to be leading edge stuff and way cool!

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