Q&A, Backup For Electronic Charts


Almost all of us are now very reliant on electronic navigation systems. And that brings up the question of hardware redundancy and chart backup. A reader's question got me thinking about that. Here's my best take on the problem, together with an appeal for help.

NMEA 2000—Missing the Obvious


I  was just reading an article on the NMEA 2000 marine network standard over at the excellent Ocean Navigator blog. For those of you who are not aware, NMEA is a standard backbone cabling system that allows you to connect every piece of electronic gear on your boat together, regardless of what company manufactured each [...]

Online Book: Navigation—Knowing Where It's At, Chapter 5 of 12

Separation and Redundancy


Finding a home for all our provisions before heading off on a cruise is always a challenge since I tend to overstock on the basis that we will use everything up in the end but running out of something vital in some out of the way place would really inhale. So, as always, there was [...]

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