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Nexus Instruments, Great Gear And Great Culture


Reasonably Priced

Seven years ago, when KVH stopped supporting our previous sailing instrument system, we looked at Brooks and Gatehouse but balked at the cost and instead settled on a new NX2 system from Nexus at less than half the price.

Great Gear

We like the way the gear works and find the displays easy to read, both at night and during the day. The gear was as straight forward to install and program as a system of this complexity can be.

After some initial teething problems, quickly dealt with by the dealer, our system has been pretty much trouble free. The exception being four failures of the combined speed/temperature sensor, which is actually made by Airmar. The water temperature sensor has stopped working twice and the paddle wheel has split twice due to the corrosion caused by water getting at the small magnet imbedded in it.

In each case Nexus has cheerfully and quickly replaced the problem part for free through their distributor, even though our system is long out of warranty. Better yet, they have acknowledged that the sensor has a problem and are working with Airmar to fix it. And this for a system that has been out for at least six years.

Great Company Culture

The point being that with gear of this complexity there will be problems. What differentiates good gear and good companies is how they handle those problems, and Nexus does a great job:

  • They return emails within one business day and that alone makes them exceptional.
  • They don’t get defensive.
  • They don’t try and come up with a way to blame the customer.
  • They don’t refuse to communicate with end users that have a problem and refer them to a dealer or distributor.

If more companies were like Nexus, maintaining a voyaging sailboat would be a great deal less frustrating than it is.

One note: Nexus has just changed their North American distributor. I don’t know why, but let’s just say that that part of the channel seems to be working better than it did, at least in our limited experience.


We paid full price for our NX2 system and have received no payments or other benefits from Nexus.

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