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Photography: My Big Iron Is Gone


Deep down I had known this day was coming ever since I picked up this camera, but it took me quite a while to get over my 20-year relationship with big DSL gear—first film, then digital. Anyway, after a year of never getting my Canon kit out of the bag, I did it.

I just got rid of all of my big Canon photography gear:

  • big bruiser full frame body,
  • big L-series lenses,
  • strobes and wireless triggers;

all of it. The works.

And you know what, I think I’m a better photographer without all that stuff. Less obtrusive, and more in tune with my surroundings. I sure feel lighter, and move faster, mentally and physically.


Not only that, the high end lenses for my new system (my in depth review here) are at least as good as anything Canon produces, and often demonstrably better. And they are less than half the size and less than half the price.

Oh yes, and my new camera is a better and easier to use video camera, at least for my purposes (with the best image stabilization in the industry), than anything Canon makes. Plus, my new favourite camera handles better, at least for me, than anything Canon has produced since the old film EOS 3.

And, now that we have fast focus tracking and fast long zooms on my new system, the only thing I’m giving up going away from full frame is the ability to make prints over 36″ wide, which I don’t do anyway. That’s it.

This is a pivotal moment in camera technology and a great time to be a photographer.


I have even finally found a pocket camera I can love. Great image quality, great handling, great viewfinder. Did I mention that it fits in my coat pocket? (I will do a review if enough people are interested, please leave a comment.)


And even my iPhone takes pretty good photos, although I hate using it for that because it’s an awkward camera to handle, at least in comparison to my purpose-built cameras.

Last time I was involved in a disruptive time like this in technology was when microcomputers arrived. Remember Wang, Data General and Digital Equipment Corporation? Nikon and Canon, are you listening?…No, didn’t think so…Watch out for the tar pits, guys.

By the way, the lead photo is of my pusher…er, camera salesman, Don, with all my old Canon gear as I traded it in on new goodies for my absolute favourite camera of all time.

Further Reading


I paid the same price as anyone else would for my new system and Canon has never done anything bad to me, other than forgetting to innovate lately.

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