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The Gulfstream, Everything You Wanted To Know

A friend of ours, who is a cruise ship captain, sent along the following list of links to everything, and I do mean everything, you have always wanted to know about the Gulf Stream. Some interesting stuff.

Our friend is on the New York to Caribbean round trip run. Apparently the pay off for him for getting the Gulf Stream right is a few more precious hours to effect the change over in New York of several thousand leaving and incoming passengers. Who knew? I guess the company is pretty happy about any fuel savings too.

It seems like a good day to post this list since a whole bunch of ocean race navigators, who will have been studying this stuff, and much more, for weeks, will be starting the Thrash to The Onion Patch tomorrow, each with his or her own theory of how to get to Bermuda the fastest.

I guess I kind of miss the race, judging from the amount of time I spent flicking through this stuff.

Sea Surface Temperature
Ocean Remote Sensing
Ocean Motion Western Boundary Currents

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