Enough With The Northeast Wind

Over the last 20 years I have sailed north toward Newfoundland from Maine or Nova Scotia more years than not and I thought I knew how to get it done: Ideally, we left on the back of a cold front, reaching in a cold clear northwest wind that veered and then went calm for 24-48 [...]

Tropical Storm Earl Photographs

While Earl was a pretty minor storm by hurricane standards by the time it reached us, we still saw steady winds of over 50 knots with gusts well into the 60s—a lot of wind by any standard. Everything held up fine on Morgan’s Cloud, including a new and better way to attach the boat to [...]

Earl Comes To Lunch

Hurricanes, you just can’t trust em. When we went to bed Earl was supposed to make landfall on the west side of the province, some 80 miles away. But this morning he has wobbled east and is heading straight for us here on the southwestern shore of Nova Scotia. On the bright side, he is [...]

Hurricane Forecasts, Sausage Or Sizzle

It is now pretty likely that Hurricane Earl will give us high winds here on the south-western shore of Nova Scotia. However, a deviation of just 50 miles either side of the forecast track will likely make the difference between us experiencing gale force versus hurricane force winds. And that in turn will determine whether [...]

Hurricane Resources

I have lived most of my life in the direct line of fire of Atlantic hurricanes, first in Bermuda, and now on the southern shore of Nova Scotia. But no matter how familiar I am with the damned things, or perhaps because of that familiarity, I always have a slight feeling of constant tension at [...]