Members' Online Book: Seamanship, Chapter 8 of 10

Which Old Salts Should We Listen To? 10 Ways To Decide—Part 1

Blindly following the teachings of old salts, no matter how experienced and well meaning they are, can lead to poor gear choices and big mistakes once out there. But how do we decide who to believe or between two conflicting opinions? John has ten tips that even the most inexperienced offshore sailor can use to make that easier.

Members' Online Book: Coming Alongside (Docking) Made Easy, Chapter 9 of 11

Coming Alongside (Docking)—Backing In, Part 1

The general wisdom, repeated over and over again on wharves, in sailors’ bars, and on the forums, is that it’s difficult to back a boat into a tight space, and impossible if said boat has a long keel. But that’s just dead wrong. John shares backing techniques that will work, and even make the process easy, with most any boat.

Seamanship is Hard to Do

Seamanship is a word that gets bandied about all the time in the cruising community. But what does seamanship really mean? John and Phyllis get a hard real-world reminder.

Bare Feet, Or Not

John sticks his neck out and gets right controversial but it’s really all about seamanship…it’s always all about seamanship.

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