Separation and Redundancy

Chapter 4 of 11 in the Online Book Navigation - Knowing Where It's At

Finding a home for all our provisions before heading off on a cruise is always a challenge since I tend to overstock on the basis that we will use everything up in the end but running out of something vital in some out of the way place would really inhale. So, as always, there was [...]

Things Are Different Now

[Written July 1st] In a previous post I mentioned a few things that have changed in Greenland over the 16 years we’ve been voyaging up here: less ice, more English, more sailboats, earlier cruising season, and a busier capital city due to oil exploration. Onboard Morgan’s Cloud one of the biggest changes is that we [...]

Anatomy Of An Accident

It was 4:00 am on a black early morning anchored at Cape Lookout Harbour when Phyllis and I were awoken by a crash from up forward followed by a sickening scraping sound. A quick look out the companionway showed the outline of another sailboat reversing away from our bow. The outline looked a lot like [...]

Save Our Lighthouses

I can’t imagine that there are many sailors out there who don’t share John’s and my fascination with lighthouses—walking around them, climbing them, photographing them, reading about what it was like to take care of them—we don’t seem to tire of it. However, in Canada, the USA and the UK, and I’m sure in other [...]

Navigation System—Plotter Or Computer

Chapter 7 of 11 in the Online Book Navigation - Knowing Where It's At

John looks at the question of whether to install a dedicated plotter or a computer for electronic navigation, and continues with a description of what he did install and how it has worked out. John is an electronics technician by trade and has spent some 30 years in the computer business, so this is information from an expert in both the technology and its use in real world navigation.

Electronic Charting Dangers

Chapter 3 of 11 in the Online Book Navigation - Knowing Where It's At

Although we are not Luddites bemoaning the take over of electronics and warning of the dire consequence of over reliance on them, we are aware of several dangers in their exclusive use: First off in the list of potential gotchas is the use of the electronic log features that we increasingly see included in navigation [...]

How We Know Where It’s At On Morgan’s Cloud

Chapter 2 of 11 in the Online Book Navigation - Knowing Where It's At

So what is it specifically that we do to make sure “we know where it’s at” while cruising some of the world’s more remote places on Morgan’s Cloud, our 56-foot aluminum McCurdy and Rhodes cutter? First, our primary navigation area is on deck. There is no way that we can be properly aware of our [...]

Knowing Where It’s At

Chapter 1 of 11 in the Online Book Navigation - Knowing Where It's At

We start this book by looking at the most important aspect of good and safe navigation. More important than fancy electronics. More important than paper charts. More important than radar. Situation awareness--knowing where you are at all times.