Of Deadlines, Drug Dealers, and Dolphins…

Our own Colin Speedie is one of the best sailing travel writers in the business, but he has truly outdone even his own high standard with this loverly tale of tropical islands, drug smugglers, and folk musicians. Free post.

The Perfect Forecast?

The near-universal availability of accurate weather forecasts and GRIBs is great, but over analyzing the data can lead to analysis paralysis and missed opportunities. Colin tells the story of an imperfect forecast that lead to a perfect voyage. Free feature post.

The Different Faces of The Virgin Islands

The Virgin Island are a great place for a charter escape, but do you really want to cruise there? And if so, where are the hidden gems? Colin tells all.

Downwind Sailing–Poling Out

Chapter 27 of 27 in the Online Book Sail Handling Made Easy

Poling out the headsail to sail downwind can be intimidating, particularly offshore in big breeze, but Colin has a way to make it easy and safe.

Downwind Sailing, Tips and Tricks

Chapter 26 of 27 in the Online Book Sail Handling Made Easy

Colin draws on his decades of experience racing and cruising to share some tips and tricks that will make reaching and downwind sailing faster and more comfortable. Chapter FREE to view for three days.

Living In A 12 Volt World

After voyaging and living aboard their Ovni 435 for 7 years, Colin gives us an update on what electrical kit has worked and what has died, as well as a look at newly available gear he and Louise have installed or are considering.

Getting Your Mojo Back

Even the best of seaman get rusty after a period ashore. Colin shares the process of getting back in the voyaging groove.

It’s Great To Be Back!

Following a long spell in the land of work, Lou and I have been back in Grenada for nearly three weeks now, getting Pèlerin back into shape for a long sailing season. We plan to really cover some miles this year, so there has been plenty to do! It’s axiomatic that successful cruises are proportionally [...]

Where Do We Go From Here?

I rarely attend major boat shows these days, and sincerely don’t regret it. In the past I spent many a day on stands for whoever it was that I was working for, or supporting, at that time, generally in the foul aired mausoleum that housed the late, lamented (?) London Boat Show at Earl’s Court. Not [...]