Propane Tank Gotcha, Take Two


Do you carry aluminum propane tanks like we do on "Morgan's Cloud"? If so, you need to listen up as Phyllis shares some things about re-certifying and replacing them that we learned the hard way...$500 worth of hard way.

Online Book: Maintaining a Cruising Boat, Chapter 17 of 18

Cool Gadget to Keep Your Frozen Food Frozen


Here's a simple easy-to-build gadget that will make a huge difference to the effectiveness of your freezer, by circulating the air so the stuff at the top and farthest from the plates does not thaw, while the food at the bottom and against the plates remains frozen, particularly when the freezer is packed tight.

Online Book: Engines For Cruising Boats, Chapter 9 of 11

Better Powertrains For Auxiliary Sailboats and Motorboats


Most yacht engines are horribly inefficient, but that can be fixed. In this chapter Matt, AAC engineering correspondent, explains how in easy to understand terms, and cuts through the marketing hype surrounding the many options.

Every owner of a boat with an engine—auxiliary sail or power—will benefit from reading this, even if you only use the knowledge to better manage your existing engine and, into the bargain, make it last longer and breakdown less often.

Keeping The Water Flowing

Use cable ties to compress the blades to make installation easy

Left to my own devices I could happily be a lazy guy, but that’s by no means a good thing to be when you’re in charge of a boat. When running charter boats that are in daily use, daily, weekly and monthly maintenance check lists are absolutely de rigeur to ensure that, random mechanical failure apart, the boat [...]

Filter Boss Fuel Protection System


Regular readers of this site will know that I take a more than passing interest in fuel quality and our dependence on engine reliability. I believe that these are matters that go to the heart of modern cruising. Therefore, I also believe that anything that can offer improvements in terms of engine reliability has got to [...]

The Best Days Of Our Lives?

Getting to the headland on time

Will we get there on time? Those of us with a few years under our belt have seen extraordinary changes in the world of sailing during our lifetimes, not just in terms of the sailing performance of the boats we sail, but also in their comfort and safety, which in turn generates the confidence for [...]

The Bug Is Taking Over

Tank aperture

Following our arrival in the Canary Islands last autumn we watched an endless stream of yachts line up at the pontoon alongside the boatyard, all of them with fuel contamination problems. In my experience, it’s usual to find that in cases like this the outbreak can be isolated to one or two suppliers who have [...]

Online Book: Engines For Cruising Boats, Chapter 8 of 11

Gear Test—Engine


As most of our regular readers know, we just completed a 10,000 mile, eight month voyage to the Arctic and back on Morgan’s Cloud, our 56-f00t McCurdy and Rhodes aluminum cutter. A voyage that constituted a gruelling test of all the gear on the boat. Here is our report on how the engine and drive-train [...]

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