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Shurflo Pumps

Finally, a pump that can actually work for three years without a rebuild! After years of 6-month rebuild schedules on our other pumps, we were ready for Shurflo!

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We find that FLOWJET Quiet Quad pumps are reliable too. Also you can strip a pump, clean and rebuild it in about 20 mins. Average run time is 4000 hours between service.


I recently had to disassemble this model Surflow that was working intermittently. Found one brush worn down to the nub and the other one like new. The main shaft bearing rides in a plastic housing that caused the bearing to be off center to the brush housing. Also, be careful to use straight exit fittings to avoid providing a home for lonely barnacles.

So, I’d recommend carrying a spare if it serves a vital system.

John Harries


Interesting. We have never had this problem or had to change brushes. I wonder if you got a dud pump.

Anyway, I agree about carrying a spare. We carry rebuild kits and a complete spare pump for each pump type that serves a vital system on the boat.