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Online Book: Motorboats For Sailors, Chapter 6 of 6

A Real Sailor’s Motorboat Launched

Artnautica LRC58 01_small

I have written quite a bit about sailor's motorboats and as part of that project we analyzed a very interesting boat in-build in New Zealand. That boat, the Artnautica 58, has now been launched and is in the middle of sea-trials with encouraging results. It's too early in the testing process to draw firm conclusions, particularly since [...]

Online Book: Motorboats For Sailors, Chapter 3 of 6

Artnautica 58—Design Analysis

LRC58 007 perspective views

We continue our series on desirable offshore motorboats, for those retiring from sailboats, with a design analysis by AAC Technical Correspondent, Matt Marsh, of the Artnautica LRC58 currently in-build in New Zealand. Even if you are not interested in this particular boat, you will want to read Matt's insightful analysis of hull form and cost considerations.

Online Book: Motorboats For Sailors, Chapter 1 of 6

A Sailor’s Motorboat


Free Introductory Chapter We start the book with the comparison of a cruising sailboat under power to a typical trawler. After all, we sailors don't want to take a step backward in efficiency and speed as we transition to power. The surprise is that, in many cases, that's exactly what will happen.

Q&A: Why Double Pole Breakers?


Question: Do people always use double pole breakers on a floating DC 24 volt system, on the branch circuits? If so why? I understand they are now two ungrounded conductors, but the return path to the batteries is the same. This is for a steel boat. Answer: No, unfortunately people don't always use double pole [...]

One Tough Old Aluminum Boat


It is amazing how often people look surprised, and even mildly alarmed, when I tell them that we own an aluminum boat. The next tentative question(s) is almost always about electrolysis and the general longevity of the material. For some reason there seems to be many stories of disaster, particularly on this side of the [...]

It’s Painting Time Again

It's hard work keeping a boat looking good

As the old saying goes, you pay for your pleasures, and that’s certainly true when it comes round to the annual re-fit. The many little jobs that were just too awkward afloat, added to the big ones like antifouling, can all back up and lead to a formidable worklist. And to top it all, there’s [...]

Online Book: Boat Design & Selection—Ovni 435, Chapter 19 of 19

Achieving The Impossible

Interior 11

When we ordered Pèlerin, we had some pretty specific ideas about what we wanted from her as a home, and as a voyaging machine – and then we had to find a way of making these two contradictory requirements meet in practice. In effect we have two boats – one is a floating home with [...]

Online Book: Voyaging Boats from Boréal, Chapter 4 of 12

Rudder Options

Rudder and dagger-board system on the Boreal 44 Sailboat

One of the biggest challenges with lifting keel boats is how to design a rudder for them that really works? Jean-François Eeman, one of the partners at Boréal, shares their approach to this tricky problem.

Marelon And Bronze Seacocks With Plastic Spacers

Installing a seacock properly is not a trivial project. First you need to install a backer plate and then you need to figure out how you will bolt the flange of the seacock down. Yes, I know that many, perhaps most, boats do not have their seacocks bolted, but that is, in our opinion, a [...]

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