The Caribbean

Lights Out!

After a stressful passage from Trinidad, Colin and Lou reach Grenada and a warm Caribbean welcome.


Us And Them

Boat Boys in the Eastern Caribbean. Now there’s a subject to rouse passionate debate in any group of cruisers. Colin does his usual insightful and sensitive job of exploring the issue, along with some great tips for dealing with the practitioners of that trade.


Far From The Maddening Crowd*

Colin’s clear and insightful summary of their season cruising the Windward Islands of the Caribbean. This is the real story on this popular cruising destination from a deeply experienced voyager.


What A Difference A Year Makes

Alter two full seasons in the Eastern Caribbean, Colin has found the best places…and he is even willing to share them with us in his usual lyrical prose.


The Different Faces of The Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands are a great place for a charter escape, but do you really want to cruise there? And if so, where are the hidden gems? This chapter will help you decide if and where to go in the Virgins.


The Perfect Forecast?

The near-universal availability of accurate weather forecasts and GRIBs is great, but over-analyzing the data can lead to analysis paralysis and missed opportunities. Colin tells the story of an imperfect forecast that lead to a perfect voyage.


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