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Life In The Bus Lane*

To get out here you must first go through there.

To get out here you must first go through there.

In the past I met many people who expressed amazement and envy for my then way of life: skippering yachts on wildlife research projects. And for the most part they were right, it was an enviable way of life. And although the pay was awful and the hours endless, the rewards were colossal, not least in terms of the sights seen, the people met and the places we were lucky enough to call home, even if only for a short spell. Now, living aboard Pèlerin, we get to do the same kind of thing only with less work involved. It’s a great life—with a few caveats.

If you’re planning to embark on a similar way of life, then you’ll probably share the dreams that drew us all in—the romance of sailing your own boat to foreign shores, the wheel of stars in an ocean night and the sensory avalanche of a distant landfall, to name a few of them. But understand this—you’ll also be spending a lot of your time in boatyards.

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Meet the Author

Colin Speedie

Colin, European Correspondent here at AAC, is a deeply experienced offshore sailor who holds a Yachtmaster licence, and a gifted photographer and talented writer who has added a whole new dimension to Attainable Adventure Cruising. In addition, since Colin and Louise are from England and had their OVNI 435, Pèlerin built in France, they bring a European perspective to our site. You can read more about Colin and Louise and their business at their website.

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