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Online Book:

Watertight Integrity

There is nothing more important to an offshore boat than keeping the water out. And this is not just a safety issue either since there are few things that will ruin your cruise more than a leak over your bunk.

Colin shares scores of real practical tips derived from keeping the water out of his own boats over tens of thousands of offshore miles.

Table of Contents:

Watertight Bulkheads

Though watertight bulkheads are arguably not imperative, they could give you some extra time when it really counts. Colin describes how they installed watertight bulkheads on their OVNI 435.


There are few things more miserable on a boat at sea than salt water below from deck leaks. And if said leaks get bad enough, they can sink you. Colin has a whole series of tips on how to stop that happening to you.


Colin continues in his pursuit of watertight integrity by looking at ways to waterproof deck fittings.

An Electric Bilge Pump For The Ages

Morgan’s Cloud still has the same Jabsco 36600 bilge pump that was installed when she was launched in 1986. John explains how he keeps that pump in good running order.

Our New Crash Pump

When John realized that the large bilge pump on Morgan’s Cloud was not really suitable, he went looking for an alternative in the commercial and industrial world and found a good solution.

Companionway Integrity In A Storm

It’s a sad fact that most production boat companionways are potential boat-sinkers. But it does not have to be that way. In this chapter I provide solid suggestions on how to stormproof your companionway.