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Dick Stevenson

Hi John,
Good catch, good advice: cruisers are often impressively ingenious in their efforts to improve their boat, but too often the wish to spend the least amount of money transcends common sense. I am always initially wary when a cruiser introduces an idea with a comment on how little it cost (implying that is the more or the most important consideration).
My best, Dick Stevenson, s/v Alchemy

Tom C

An interesting insight into building one’s own JSD by an experienced sailor who used NEW 7.8 oz. dacron sailcloth for the cones:

Terence Thatcher

Hope you will write a letter to GOB with these thoughts.

Drew Frye

I’ve never even kept cloth from a used sail even for for patches. When I’m done with them the fabric is suspect, to say the least.

Michele Del monaco

Wow, just yesterday evening was dreaming of reusing my old mainsail for that. Avoiding this mistake is worth the entire subscription