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Quality Custom Linens

I don’t know about the rest of you, but figuring out how to get bedding to fit the odd size and shape of boat bunks has been an ongoing battle for me.

Failure: I tried adapting king-size sheets by adding an extra bit to the bottom (our bunk is king width at the top, narrower at the bottom, and longer than a king), but the elasticized bottom sheet stumped me and they were not only ugly, they weren’t very comfortable. Sulk!

Partial Success: I had someone who makes organic hand-dyed cotton sheets make them to a template and they worked well for five years, but when they fell apart last summer (John’s foot went right through the bottom sheet, telling you how thin they were getting!), the person who had made them was totally uninterested in doing it again. Sigh!

Success: An internet search on sailboat custom linens brought me to Quality Custom Linens. Wendy Walker has the whole thing figured out, including typical bunk shapes and patterns. She keeps your information on file for future orders and she offers everything from mattress covers to comforters. The sheets we ordered are a perfect fit and the sewing is beautifully done. Relief!

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