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Carbon Fibre Mast

If you are considering buying a boat with a carbon fibre mast or replacing your existing aluminum mast with carbon, this is the Online Book for you. John provides in-depth information on the benefits and drawbacks of carbon fibre for voyaging boat masts. And none of this is theory. John and Phyllis went through the build and installation of not just one but two carbon fibre masts.

Table of Contents:

The New Mast, Why?

The most expensive and stressful part of our latest refit to “Morgan’s Cloud” was the replacement of her mast. So why did we do it? Simple, peace of mind.

The New Mast, The Benefits Of Carbon

Pictures of Americas Cup-class boat hulls breaking in half and their masts, supported by a plethora of rigging and spreaders, collapsing in relatively benign conditions, have given structures built of carbon fibre an undeserved reputation for fragility. John challenges this impression.

The New Mast, Lightning: Myths, Assurances And Risks

John explains why he feels confident that going with carbon fibre for our new mast has given us a stronger mast than could be built in aluminum, as well as a faster, more stable and safer boat. And all without any appreciable increase in lightning strike risk.

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