A Perfect Anchorage?

Enough with all the person overboard stuff, time for another reminder of what it's all about.

A New Cultural Experience

Another of Phyllis' posts in our series about our cruise of Newfoundland this summer. This one on the unique wharf-culture.

Unexpected Treasures

Sure, listen to local knowledge, and cruising guides can help choose a destination, but sometimes it's better to go your own way and make up your own mind. Free post.

In Our Own Backyard—Halifax

The third, and last, in Phyllis' series on cruising the Nova Scotia Eastern Shore, a reminder that we don't have to go far to have a great cruise.

In Our Own Backyard–Liscombe Lodge

We just published the next instalment of Phyllis' series on our mini-cruise of Nova Scotia, surely one of the world's great cruising grounds, particularly in the fall.

We are also trying out a new magazine-like layout. Tell us what you think.

In The Season

Being as how we ended up commissioning Morgan’s Cloud too late for any high latitude shenanigans (we left Billings Diesel & Marine in Stonington, Maine on August 1st), we decided to take our time on the 250 nm passage to our Base Camp near Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. A while ago I wrote a post about [...]

He’s Back!

The first of Phyllis' two posts on cruising Nova Scotia. Sometimes the best cruises are close to home!

The Last Fisherman in Ramea

It’s strange. I have never had any interest in recreational fishing. When other voyagers talk about the cool gear they have that always hooks a fish on an ocean passage and how good the catch was to eat, all I can think of is the mess on deck. It’s not that I don’t like to [...]

Rose Blanche, Newfoundland

The fog lifts as we steam between the islands in the approaches to Rose Blanche, the east end of the road from Port-aux-Basques, and the west end of our cruise of the Newfoundland South Coast. The village curves around a number of little coves, its brightly coloured houses separated by meandering lanes, picturesque proof that [...]

Burgeo, Newfoundland

Tucked in among the many rocks and islands enclosing Burgeo, the Burgeo Marine Service Centre takes a bit of tricky navigation to access but once in the welcome is warm. June, the harbourmaster, greets us enthusiastically and shares her plans on how to make the marina more attractive for visitors. The next member of our [...]