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Richard Ritchie

Good to see progress. Interestingly, I see no sign of an external communication port on their batteries in the picture. Maybe they are indeed relying on Bluetooth …

Conor Smith

There is a Hub that connects to each battery with bluetooth. That hub monitors each battery SOC, charge rate, balancing status, ect and aggregates the data. It connects with CAN, N2k, and bluetooth to other devices, including having programable relays to set off various alarms or trigger contactors.

Mike G

Panbo seems to have more detail on the system than is publicly available from Dragonfly. Here’s a quote from the article: “The Hub allows connectivity to other devices via BlueTooth, NMEA 2000, RV-C, Victron’s VE.Bus, and Ethernet.”

What isn’t clear is how the batteries connect to the Hub. A Dragonfly video indicates a wireless mesh.

There is no plan to make all of their existing batteries interoperable with the new system.

Conor Smith

I agree there is little published about the system and the details are still being worked out.

Search for: Dragonfly intelLIgence Hub. The best source, although relatively brief, still appears to be this PDF: