Refitting an Old Boat Can Work…For Some

When the subject comes up of buying an old and tired boat and refitting it as a way to get out there ocean voyaging inexpensively, John tends to start throwing around a lot of cold reality, and generally being a spoil sport. But sometimes this approach can work.


A Tale Of Three Refits

John introduces a new writer who debuts with four articles on refits, including three detailed case studies and a summary on how to do refits well.


That’s One Way To Do It…

It’s March, and so it’s re-fit time, and we’re busily taking advantage of the mild weather here in Portugal to sand and scrape blistered paint, then get some epoxy primer on, our lot in life with an aluminium boat. Not that it’s all bad – at times in the past we have been in the [...]


Over the years we have received numerous questions from readers asking whether it is better to buy a newer more expensive sailboat or to restore an older less expensive boat. We usually recommend buying a newer boat as, in the long run, the price will probably come out to about the same, so why not [...]


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