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Susie Goodall Tells Her Story

While I’m no fan of the Golden Globe Race, or at least not in its present form, I am a huge fan and follower of Susie Goodall and was absolutely gutted when she lost her boat in the 2018 race, particularly since she was one of the few competitors to fit what I believe is the correct storm survival gear, only to have it fail due to a defect.

After the race Susie kept admirably quiet about the whole thing as she processed the huge disappointment she had suffered, rather than capitalizing on the media frenzy around her, as many would have.

But now, four years on, she has told her story. A worthwhile read, and great to hear she has put her life back together and intends to go cruising.

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Stein Varjord

I’m impressed by anyone undertaking that monumental challenge. Accidentally, Are Wiig is a long time friend of mine, so I’ve had the thought earlier. Susie Goodall strikes me as a very sympathetic and able person. The fact that she brought a Jordan Series Drogue, (to my knowledge none of the others did, which is weird,) proves her suitability for the task.

The writer of the story also seems like the right person. Very nice to see this story this way. I’m certain that she will achieve great things in the future too, no matter what the public will hear of it. I like how that could be seen as a reference to her hero (and mine) Moitessier.

I feel the story confirms the bit of foul taste i got from Don McIntyre, already before the race started. I’m sure he does his best to make the right choices, but I feel he has several wrong priorities, which is confirmed here.