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Colin Palmer

Not Furuno, but I have just fitted a Halo20+ and SimradR2009 controller. Certainly impressive at short range – will I ever use radar set at 50m range? But I have yet to try it in open water. The current draw is comfortingly low. 1.0a on standby, 3a at long range reducing to 2.4a at 100m range. 0.3a when off at the controller. Like John, I want simplicity (the R2009 screen is busy enough with just radar echoes) and redundancy – separate AIS and independent iPad navigation. The thoughts of having everything going to one MFD feels wrong. Get a fault and everything goes. When it is working you have the visual complexity of overlays, or maybe a split display, but to be workable I think that would need a 12 inch screen – mega bucks and a big brute to fit.