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I went up the mast today to remove the fragile stuff from the top prior to unstepping. A highly recommended precaution if you don’t like paying for new wind instrument wands.

Phyllis and I had this down cold on our McCurdy and Rhodes 56, but it’s always a bit nerve wracking on a new-to-us boat with different gear and set up.

We took a bunch of photos of the new gear we are using for a two part article Matt and I are doing together on going aloft. Look for it over the winter.

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Terence Thatcher

HMMM. Hadn’t previously looked closely at the mast of your new vessel. Are those not the much maligned swept back spreaders? This summer I walked away from a new Beneteau that surely had a longer waterline and a slipprier design than my 43 year old Brewer Morgan 382. But we were running down a narrow channel dead down wind. I could ease my sails well out, the Beneteau could not. It was an evil pleasure to see them fall further and further behind.