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Drawings For Improved Force 10 Stove Bracket

I just added a drawing of this much-improved stove bracket to the original article so others can use it to get one made to improve the safety of Force 10 stoves.

Should have done this years ago. Thanks to member Nina for the nudge.

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Jane Anderson

I built one of these brackets for the GN-Espace cooker I installed last year. It’s a vast improvement over the bracket supplied with the cooker, and I highly recommend this design.

George Haselton

Sorry if I’m derailing on this particular topic, however still related to the Force 10 propane range. Relocating from USA, propane & OPD valve on tank, to Azores, no propane, just Butane and different tanks. Can’t get reply from Force 10, (Eno Marine Port Coquitlam,BC) on conversation queries. Another forum I saw said no conversion necessary. However l’m not sure if that’s credible advice due to the different properties of the games. Is there a brain trust out there who’s navigated this issue?

James Peto

Having cruised both above the Artic Circle where propane was neccessary due to the cold and also the Azores where Butane was the available gas all we needed to do was change the regulator for the differing gases. The cooker burners did not need changing but the cook did remark that the propane seemd to burn hotter.