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Robert Gramcko

Absolutely true. Never trust that the PO maintained everything to a seamanship level. Always gaps and blind spots.

My friend asked me what I thought about the new-to-him boat and immediately noticed A) that all lines were white with blue specs B) that some were dirty to point of not so flexible, and some with outer layer wear. And the Dutchman control line was parting.

Replaced every line under the assumption they came from the same reel so couldn’t trust any, even the good looking ones.

BTW, my color code scheme: sheets red, halyards blue, control lines green or yellow, furler and reef black. The catalyst was the 8 cabin top rope clutches ganged 4 to each side with 2 jam sheets. A guaranteed mistake-accident zone.

William Robitzek

My wife and I traveled to Turkey and had a tour of a rug-making company. The tour guide offered a free rug to anyone who could break a strand of their carpet by pulling on the ends. No one in our group could. Then the tour guide made a simple overhand knot in the strand and it broke immediately on pulling. A lesson in how knots can lessen the strength of lines.