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Kit Laughlin

Nice one, John. And I am sure that is legal under Rule 30 (and if not, someone else here will tell us for sure!). Very good idea.

Karl Lang

Hi John
I wonder whether it would be permissible to display a mast-top flash light at anchor – or strobe light as used on aircraft.
This would make for great visibility of the anchored yacht, even to a complacent oncoming boater.
Reading Colregs, part 30, it just specifies light color and range.
What is your take on this, please?
Best, Karl


The regs are read literally.
“ where it can best be seen: an all-round white light”.

So blue light would be a deviation. If you have a white light and a blue light that too would be ok, as the regulation specifies you may have your decks lighted while at anchor. If your craft is more than 100m in length
“ shall, also use the available working or equivalent lights to illuminate her decks.”

A flashing light alone is not adequate. It fails the all around element of the regulation as an anchor light.

Now if you have a mast and are anchored in or near a Seaplane landing area a red flashing light on your mast head may help. Not sure but there may be an aviation rule about that.