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Finding Crew, Finding A Boat

Two of the more frequent requests we have been receiving lately are how to find crew or find a boat to crew on. So we decided to post what we know about this topic and then open it up for you to add to it.

Below is a list of resources we’ve come across. Where we’ve received comments from readers on how well a service has worked for them, we’ve included those:

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Lee Ann

I have used Offshore Passage Opportunities run by Hank Schmitt for Newport to Caribbean and other passages at

Dave Skolnick on Auspicious

I have used OPO to find crew on several occasions and sailed as crew on some of their deliveries. I’m quite content with my experience there.

Paul Mills

Hi all,

I ahve recently been looking for crew from the UK. Crewseekers and findacrew have both worked well, though findacrew has been the better service – with a much more fully fundtioned website


Judy Ellerton

Crew Bay is also another option:

John Harries

Hi Judy,

Thanks for the heads up on Crew Bay. Have you used them, and if so, how did it work out?

Neil Clifford

Hello, I joined an online crew finding site, however during Covid Times, securing crew for our voyage from St. Martin to Halifax on our new-to-us Boréal 47 is no small task, even for us as Canadians, landing on our home turf. Our window for safe passage is closing such that we may need to head south out of the hurricane zone. This leaves us until next spring before we find ourselves in northern waters. Not the original plan, but today’s reality may dictate a plan B..

John Harries

Hi Neil,

Bummer. Have you thought of shipping the boat via say Seven Star to say Newport? I think they have regular runs. Not inexpensive, but it is an option to get out of the hurricane zone.


I just have to post here a huge thank you for these suggested sites. I just took my boat from the North shore of Long Island to the Chesapeake bay on a very short notice trip due to many reasons beyond my control. Using your link above to Hank Schmitt’s web site I was able to find the absolutely perfect sailor to help me on this trip. I would like to post his name here in case anyone else has any question to bring him on-board if he applies to sail with you. Bert Garrison is out of Ohio. He has the right balance of attitude and initiative while able to verbalize what he does not know.

I cannot recommend more highly Hank Schmitt’s web site and Bert Garrison.

Thank you for this fantastic web site that you run and the resources you provide in so many ways. I believe this is the best single resource site for all things sailing off-shore available anywhere.


John Harries

Hi David,

Thanks very much for the kind words, much appreciated. And glad to hear that Hank’s site found you a good shipmate.