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Erik Blomberg

A perfect match with reusable wire ties. Then you don’t have to crawl out from that akward space to get a new one.

Erik Blomberg

I let you know later:) I just bought some at a car parts retailer here in Sweden, but I havn’t tried them yet. True about the tails. Looks, and is messy, uncut. Tidy, but dangerously sharp when cut.

Bob Buck

For those of us who hate putting screws into our hulls, Weld Mount makes a glue on wire tie stud. Glue sets in 5 minutes. Pricey, but worth it if your installing (or replacing) a lot of ties. They also make glue on threaded studs which can come in handy when installing electronics, etc.

Colin Leake

I like to use a good pair of side cutters to cut the tails off flush with the cable tie block. It’s no fun reaching into electrical cabinets and getting cut by sharp ends of ties. At one stage the old Austell cabling regulations stated you had to use a Panduit Cable Tie Gun or not cut tails off.
I do like the sick on cable tie blocks, however I replace the double sided tape that comes with them with 3M VHB tape or use 5 minute Araldite.