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Eric Klem

Hi John,

I too have had great luck with those locking shackles.

For applications like near a sail, I mouse with light line. I use #18 tarred seine twine which is tarred nylon 3 strand and it seems to work well. After taking my turns, I do a square knot and then an overhand in each tail pulled hard against the square knot. Without the overhand knot, it will come out relatively quickly but with them, they last amazingly well and show when you need to redo them as you see a tail first.


Stein Varjord

I’ve used these for over 30 years and like them. However, they’re not flawless. It’s important to not over tighten them. That damages the locking system. Also, if overloaded a bit, the locking will usually be less reliable. Still, absolutely good stuff.