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White Paint Is Our Friend

Before and after shots of a small locker in our J-109. Way better to paint the water damaged ply than mess around with varnish trying to fix it. Brightens the boat up too. We like semi-gloss, not gloss. White is brighter inside the locker too.

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Taras Kalapun

Reminds me of some Steve Dashew boat interior.
BTW, did you stripped old varnish before painting?
And why paint and not white formica laminate?

Eric Pederson

Looks great. We’re contemplating taking this approach to a couple veneered bulkheads.

Mark Young

I’ve been pondering this very issue – I have a tired looking interior I want to spruce up. A 1987 boat. I’ve been wondering what to do with the interior panels. Still not sure – it seems a big step to paint over the varnished finish.

Steven Schapera

What is your recommendation for locker paint (brand and type)?