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WakeSpeed And Victron Get Even More Cuddly

I’m on the Beta test list for software Upgrades to the WakeSpeed WS 500 alternator regulator.

Not because I like testing new software—only marginally more fun than having a root canal, in my view—but because I’m a huge fan of the regulator and firmly believe it’s currently by far the best option for charging most battery banks on offshore yachts, both lead acid and lithium, and so I like to keep up with what my friend-over-the-phone and chief-of-all-things-technical at Wakespeed, Al Thomason, has been cooking up.

The latest release announced that the WakeSpeed will now work with Victron Distribution Voltage and Current Control (DVCC). This matters a lot more than it might appear to at first glance:

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Dick Stevenson

Hi John,
If you are in the market for a new alternator regulator, does this mean one should wait a bit or will the software upgrade work with regs bought today? Thanks, Dick

Richard Ritchie

Not sure where to place this comment regarding your use of artificially generated pictures.
Perhaps you would like to do a poll sometime, but personally I find them annoying: trite and bland and part of what we try to escape from as sailors.
I was actually motivated to comment when I saw the one on this article (Wakespeed-Victron cuddle): people optimised against impossible and undesirable attributes. We should not be promoting dangerous body choices. (Your image generator should “know better”!)
However, the general thought has been simmering as you roll out more and more artificial pictures. Any chance of some good old-fashioned boat tech pictures from your library instead? I am sure Phyllis will waive her royalty fees….

Richard Ritchie

Thanks John! You are open-minded as always! Just felt it should be said! And technically, I agree: horses for courses. Always know what you are actually doing. Feel free to move/remove the comment…

Ben Logsdon

Constructive feedback: Some of the other AI images were ok. But this one is kinda gross.

Thanks for making sense of the confusing marketing hype on these electronics!

Trevor Hope

I just wish the Wakespeed had bluetooth connectivity. I feel like a caveman having to take the cover off and plug in my “android only” phone to do an update. It would be really slick if they made it so you could update it remotely via VRM like you can with Victron devices, but thats probably asking too much. I have a Rec Active BMS, Wakespeed, and Victron system and have been very happy with the communication and overall robustness of the system so far.

Frederick Gleason

I believe Al is not comfortable with Bluetooth security. (Just from one comment made in a video.)

Evan Effa

Would you consider doing a comparative between the Zeus & Wakespeed regulators?

Not having Bluetooth monitoring and BT controls on the Wakespeed is a real deficiency. If not a deal-breaker, it certainly gives one reason to pause…


Evan Effa

Never mind. I just read your assessment of Zeus’ as yet un-implemented Victron integration…