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The Perfect Mallet

I pretty much never use a hard-headed hammer on a boat; in fact, I don’t even have one in my onboard tool kit on our new-to-us J/109.

But I use a mallet often to move something stuck without damaging it, or drive a punch or chisel.

This one from Lixie is just the right weight for most things around a boat, has replaceable plastic faces, and, best of all, it’s what’s called a “dead blow mallet”—the head is loaded with lead shot.

It’s simply amazing how much better and more effective that last feature makes this mallet.

I got mine from McMaster-Carr and it’s the aluminum-headed (no rust) 14 oz model.

Highly recommended.

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Alex Borodin

I don’t know if the one I use is perfect, but to those in Europe I can recommend the Thor Hammer ( Sounds way cooler than Lixie.