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The Best Cruising Boat

The photo shows our new-to-us J/109 and AAC member Frank’s Ovni 435 hanging out together in the workshop at East River Shipyard here in Nova Scotia.

It would be hard to imagine two more different boats, and yet I like both boats a lot.

Which is best? Wrong question. They are designed for different purposes.

Sure, this is a radical example, but it does serve to illustrate how silly the all too common “best boat” meme is.

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Alastair Currie

Indeed, and the concept of a “best boat” can change over time as our needs and wants change as well, as you demonstrate. Also having a so called “learner mindset” can make most boats a “best boat”, conversely, the lack of, can make a “best boat” the worst of boats.

What is the purpose of the line between the two boats in your picture?

Alastair Currie

Thanks, good idea, I always feel vulnerable walking around the deck when on the hard and transferring from the ladder tot he boat, it’s a long way down. As for learner mindset, indeed I have been thinking about my mast climbing method based on the articles and decided I need to address the whole back up matter as I am currently exposed without a back up. It would be just dumb not too.