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Spinlock 6D—One Size Does Fit All

Our friend Margaret, who is of the petite persuasion, wearing the Spinlock 6D we are testing here at AAC.

One of our concerns with the new model was that with only one size, instead of three as the 5D we have used for years was available in, was that fitting a smaller person might be a problem, particularly since we think that it’s vital that the chest strap be snug.

Turns out we need not have worried. Thanks, Margaret, and Spinlock for providing the jacket free for evaluation.

We will be publishing a full report once we have had more experience with the 6D, but so far we are liking it a lot.

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Charles Starke MD

I just inquired about upgrading our 5D Spinlocks, which have water and not hydrostatic activation. If I understand correctly, the 6D are only available in hydrostatic activation.
In water testing., at a Safety-at Sea course, of our 5D hydrostatic Spinlocks, showed we had to submerge several feet with our head under water, to get inflation.
We traded in our 5D for water activation.
I would be very leary of 6D hydrostatic Spinlocks. We did not get this “upgrade”!
Best wishes,
Charles L Starke MD FACP
s/v Dawnpiper

Charles Starke MD

Hi John
You’re correct. I was offered the Vito as replacement for our 5D and it was unacceptable for our purposes.