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Reaving Halyards

You see people taping messenger lines to halyards, but that can lead to tears when the messenger comes off inside the mast.

So way better to put a flemish eye, sometimes known as a reaving eye, in the bitter end of all halyards and internal reefing lines.

The key to success is that the eye should have no bigger diameter than the rope, so a normal splice does not work.

Or, if you suck at rope work as much as I do, get a good rigger to do it for you.

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Frode Rognstad

I’ve had good luck melting the lines together, using a hot-knife (or similar). I pull back the cover, cut core and cover so that joints are offset, and melt core-to-core and cover-to-cover.

Before pulling, I stress tested this approach, and I was unable to break the line. Virtually no increase in diameter, so it slides through sheaves, blocks, clutches without problem.

Dick Stevenson

Hi all,
For cored rope, a svelte Flemish eye can be achieved by removing the core for 6-8 inches or so and working the cored sheath back in on itself, making an eye, and securing with a whipping where a needle with thread locks all together. Dick