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Crew Overboard Lessons Learned

Here’s an interesting article about a triple crew overboard emergency from the point of view of the crew of the rescuing boat.

I learned from all the lessons shared, but the two that really jumped out at me were:

  • If we have a COB, be very careful and methodical while responding, lest we go overboard ourselves. In this case three people ended up in the water, but two of them fell in when trying to recover the first COB.
  • On a sailboat, don’t mess with those block and tackles that are often sold with a LifeSling, use a halyard.
    • Phyllis and I carried one of these tackles for years, but some years ago decided that it was a distraction and not useful.
    • I’m not even sure these tackles are useful on a motorboat. After all, what are you going to hook it to? And what about a winch? Three-to-one is not going to cut it. Better a hoist.

Anyway, thankfully it ended well.

Thanks to my friend Wilson for the heads-up.

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