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Loos Rigging Tension Gauge

A cool tool for tuning a one-design boat where the settings are known, as they are on our J/109. Probably not worth the money otherwise.

Here’s how to tune a rig without.

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Terence Thatcher

I have been using a Loos Professional Model for years on stranded wire. I find it very helpful for tuning my rig, which in years (and boats) past I tried to do with the sound method. That is, at least for the fore and back stays, you tighten until you get a nice ringing noise when the stay is hit with a metallic object. Who knows if that ever made sense. The Loos allows me to equalize shroud loads athwartships once I have gotten close to what I want. Since I cannot access the forestay under the furler, I use the Loos to check backstay tension only. After that, of course, the real test is how the rig reacts to a nice breeze.