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Alastair Currie

Regarding charging, I use the Scanstrut SC-USB-01 in my cockpit, mounted on the near vertical coaming at the front edge of the cockpit shelf, facing aft, into the cockpit. It is reliable and waterproof with the housing lid clamping and clicking securely into place, to seal around the USB cable. I charge my iPad with it, plus another device, as it contains 2 USB ports. So far after a few years, no obvious signs of deterioration. It also has the advantage that the cable is held securely, so if the device is dropped, the tension is taken on the cable and lid at the clamp point, and not at the USB socket itself. Before clicking the lid closed, I push about 1cm of cable into the housing, in case the lid pulls the cable down and tight as it seals.

I have just ordered the clamp, based on this article, as my iPad, sits loose on the shelf.