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Harken Bosun’s Chair

I let my much-loved and venerable Hood Sails bosun’s chair go with her when we sold our McCurdy and Rhodes 56.

Just received this replacement from Harken. After a quick look over, I’m liking what I’m seeing a lot, but of course I will know more once I have used it and will share that in a two-part series on going aloft that Matt and I are working on.

What bosun’s chair do you have and how do you like it? Please leave a comment.

Note we are not talking climbing harnesses here, that’s a different piece of kit.

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Alex Borodin

Looking forward to reading the series on going aloft!

As for myself, I trust my climbing gear more than any bosun’s chair I’ve seen. I’m happy and comfortable working aloft with my harness and foot loops made from a sling.