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Great Credit Card For Cruisers

If you are a cruiser and need to manage multiple currencies and make payments in many countries you need @Wise.

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Taras Kalapun

I prefer N26 or Revolut. Better fees and service.

Stein Varjord

I’ve used Wise for some years. Never had an issue. The cards work just as any normal Visa card. The previous one was Mastercard, which was no difference. I also like the online virtual cards that can be deleted after a transaction where one might not trust the receiving entity. You get a new virtual card immediately. Different number.

For foreign payments or transfers it’s normally much faster than any bank method. Way cheaper too, of course. My experience is with Euros to and from Norwegian Kr, Swedish Kr, US Dollars and English Pounds. Takes seconds. The method they use, bypassing the whole transfer system and rather match currency needs directly means there must sometimes be longer delays, but I’ve never had that.

My conclusion might change with new providers arriving, but now it’s 100% positive. I use Wise quite often.

Rob Gill

Hi Stein, thanks for the confirmation – it sounds very useful. John refers above to a credit card and you refer to a normal Visa card – sounds like a credit card. But on the Wise NZ website they refer to a Visa or Mastercard debit card, which would work the same for money transfers, but you have less protection. With credit card the money is paid from the bank’s credit account and you settle this later. With a debit card the money comes straight from your account so less secure if the goods aren’t delivered or the transaction was bogus. As I understand the practical difference, with credit cards the bank has the responsibility to recover the money. With debit cards you have the responsibility to recover the money (whilst the bank will “assist” you – good luck with that…! Still interested, but can you confirm you can get a credit card in Norway (not debit)? Thanks. Rob

John Deakin

I used Transferwise as it was then called in 2018 to purchase my Ovni 385 in The Netherlands. It worked perfectly, converting U.K. pounds to euros saved a fortune compared to the banks.
While provisioning the boat in Europe took euros from local ATMs. I guess to safeguard your money you transfer just the amounts you think you need as you need them.
I believe the two guys that started it developed Skype.

Andy Schell

Revolut is better for non-Americans, as Wise being US-based, won’t let you use it in Cuba 😉

Marc Dacey

Good to know. We are looking for a decent option before we take off in the spring. There are a lot of options and confusing inducements on the credit card side, of which we have many already, so I wonder if a debit card on a carefully monitored account might make more sense. We have no current plans to visit America…might suck a balloon into the strainer…