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While we are on the subject of fun you can have with epoxy—see the last Tip—here’s another.

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Matt Marsh

Any attempt to do anything else in or near the working area, while the epoxy is wet, WILL result in you touching the epoxy. Thereby undoing some of the work you just did. And making more mess.

Seriously. When you’re done, just back up, go away, and don’t come within eight feet of it until it’s cured.

Oh, and double-strength cleaning vinegar works great for arresting the curing reaction and making it possible to clean the stuff off before it kicks, if you do get it on something (clothing, skin, hair etc.) that needs to stay clean.

Carolyn Rosner

Love the vinegar tip—but by “double strength cleaning vinegar” do you mean straight white vinegar, no water dilution? I have not heard of “strengths” of vinegar. Thanks for any clarification!

Mitchell Allen

Great advise! Although I find it sometimes difficult “to leave well enough alone”. It makes sense!

And Matt, that’s a great hack with vinegar. I use it to clean a lot, but never realized it’s effectiveness on epoxy. Thanks guys!

Mitchell Allen
sv Sonata

Drew Frye

Regarding vinegar, I used to believe the same. And then I read “Vinegar: Save it for Salads” on Epoxy Works (West Systems). I should research this more, but they are experienced and they are not chemical-paranoid people.

The argument goes that repeated use of vinegar actually speeds the absorption of epoxy into the skin, possibly increasing the risk of sensitization.

Since then, I’ve been doing a better job of keeping it off my skin.