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Why am I methodically disconnecting each load from the battery, and then reconnecting it while looking at a volt meter? And what’s the meter connected to?

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Conor Smith

looking for vampire power draw? The meter has an amp clamp around the pos or neg and looking for current draw from unsuspecting devices?

Richard Ritchie

Stray currents? Meter between battery negative and main anode?

Philippe Candelier

I am assuming the meter is in Volt measurement mode. Otherwise, knowing the author, he would have specify an Amp meter of an Ohm meter.
Must be looking at the battery posts (plus and minus) for voltage rise when disconnecting versus voltage drop when reconnecting to identify the load that does not have a breaker.

Ben Logsdon

From the less than stellar history of that electrical system, probably just hunting for the end of a wire…

Kevin Towers

Looking for parasitic current draw with a volt meter, the meter would have to connected across the shunt resistor.

Johannes Els

you are looking for a very small stray current maybe?

Rob Kuder

Looking for reactive loads?

Conor Smith

Stray current in rig/bonding system. You are reading voltage from pos bus to various points on ground bus and then disconnecting loads to find stray current culprit?