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Cruiser Tools—Files

On our McCurdy and Rhodes 56 I had a whole bunch of different files, but that was a 25-ton boat where weight, while important, was less of an issue.

Since selling that boat, along with all my tools, I have found that the three files shown above will do most things, and while I have a few more at home in the workshop, these live in my tool bag on our new-to-us J/109:

  • Fairly fine metals file flat on one side and curved on the other
  • Four-in-hand
  • Rat tail file, quite coarse

I use the middle one by far the most. Makes short work of removing a lot of fibreglass, epoxy or wood, and will even work on aluminum. One of the most common tools I reach for with a lot of functionality for its size and weight.

More Tools:

  • More recommended power and hand tools for voyagers.
  • And here are four more that most cruisers don’t have, including me up to a few years ago, but should.
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Mitchell Allen

John, Please put handles on ’em.

Mitchell Allen

I get it John, I also have owned a ULDB Moore 24 since the beginning of time. My tool kit there nearly fits in my pockets. Weight is an issue that I understand. I also know what those files without handles do to your hands. Maybe a compromise, cut off the spikes! Save your hands and some more weight. It is interesting that on the larger boat we have, I don’t seem to treat weight the same.
I must say, I do always learn from you and your sites.
I’m grateful to be able to reference so much GREAT knowledge and information. Thank you for everything.