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Dick Stevenson

Hi John and all,
I have kept my eyes open for power boats that appeal for years as I am clear I will move that way as I approach my “dotage”.
I also felt the Pogo has great appeal and have been in contact with Pogo and it appears they do not have any North American dealer or presence.
Another “narrow” boat is the Seapiper (, but I am unsure its narrowness translates into an easily driven hull and fuel efficiency. And, I think I would have to spend some time aboard to feel whether its creative, but funky design elements, would work for me.
My best, Dick Stevenson, s/v Alchemy

Dick Stevenson

Hi John,
Do you remember what your misgivings were?
With its underbody, I was wondering whether it was prone to excessive roll when underway with a beam sea or at anchor with a bad swell angle.
Thanks, Dick

Curt Dawson

Another efficient powerboat offering is from an old acquaintance of AAC, Phil Lambert of the Outbound boat series. He is now involved with a new project called Rangeboat which is a Nigel Irens design. His website is The boats are lean, efficient and can be fast if weather or schedule requires. I looked over his boat last month and was impressed.

Stein Varjord

Hi John,

Since the motor boat industry has seen the writing on the wall, in the form of Teslas influence on the car industry, it seems clear that a lot of change will come very soon. Models suitable for electric propulsion will need to be very efficient, at least for the foreseeable future.

That means the trawler barge wave maker machines and similar brain dead designs will be sorted into the group they belong to, with steam engines, square rigs and dinosaurs: Extinct. Only historical value.

I think the Pogo will soon be followed by many others. Some have even already been around a while. At least there’s a Swedish version. Also too small for a liveaboard, but the thinking is right. My guess is they will remain high end price wise, but for those who can handle the sticker shock, running costs should be a small fraction of the current norm.

I will remain a sailing fanatic, and will keep bullying motorboaters, (cars that fell in the water, but sadly didn’t sink). 🙂 Still I do look forward to following this development.

Dick Stevenson

Hi Stein,
I always enjoy and often learn something from your comments, so thanks. And sometimes they bring a smile to my day: as when you say you “will keep bullying motorboaters, (cars that fell in the water, but sadly didn’t sink).”
My best, Dick Stevenson, s/v Alchemy