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Dick Stevenson

Hi John,
I believe the buntline hitch to be an under-appreciated tool in one’s knot inventory. It is great for getting knots close to what it is going around as it is essentially a slip knot. One often mentioned drawback is that it is impossible to untie: it is very hard, but I have always succeeded (with a bit of time and tools), even in the heavily loaded reef lines where the line secures around the boom.
Another area of success is for bungie cord knots: pull the knot up tight and leave some tail and they have held where other knots in bungie cord eventually slip.
My best, Dick Stevenson, s/v Alchemy

Robert Gramcko

I like the notion and will using it.

From the pull to breaking tests I’ve seen online: non tapered always breaks at the bury:s end that “little bit” is surprising large. But short tapers pull out, perhaps short and sown compensates.

The testing was with eye splices, using anything else is, as you noted, weaker, perhaps the non taper would not be the first to go.

But all is moot, again as you noted, as getting lines comfortable to hold have unbelievable safety factors.

You’ve taught me more valuable lessons than any other.

Simon Jones

Hi John
Curiously the link that you put in the article for the buntline hitch actually shows a variant, e-star, that works better for hollow braid dyneema. Interesting variant that side steps the taper and adjustment challenge?